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Removing mold is not just about killing it. Mold remediation requires physically removing the mold. Toxic mold in homes can cause allergies and serious health issues for your family. TCM Restoration’s Mold Remediation technicians are Alaska’s experts in mold remediation.

The only acceptable way to return the mold and mildew contaminated environment to a healthy and safe condition is to completely remove the mold. Killing the mold only creates a more dangerous condition as dead mold and spores are more easily airborne where it will be inhaled deeply into your lungs.

Mold and it’s spores are ubiquitous, which means they are everywhere. The only reason mold grows indoors is because water is where it should not be. Therefore to prevent its growth, one needs to understand the various forms water takes and how it moves through building materials. Control it and you will change the environment that allowed it to grow in the first place. This is always the first step, otherwise any money you spend to remove it is futile. TCM Restoration is especially skilled in understanding building science issues and determining cause. Creative and cost effective solutions are then provided.

TCM Restoration takes a common sense approach to mold remediation, applying known science and the accepted industry standard of care to eliminate the unhealthy contaminants.

This home needs mold removal in the ceiling
Hi Jeremy;
I am not sure who deserves the “pat on the back” for this one, but I really have to give your guys an “atta boy” for the workmanship of the mold removal, the finish work in the crawl space and the attention to detail on the living quarters cleanup.
First, the visual inspection for the mold removal was outstanding, the cleanliness and proper texture of the materials show that the job was done well beyond industry standards.
Second, I have never yet seen a vapor barrier installed with such perfection, I am a advocate for doing things to the best of your abilities with the goal of making everything as perfect as humanly possible, or let someone else do it for you! Your guys surpassed my standards completely.
Third, your estimator, Ron, was having your guys go back to remedy a possible “foot print” visible on the flooring only when the Sun, Clouds & atmospheric pressures were all set up just right at that perfect moment looking from a 22.5 degree angle across the massive span of flooring from the exact longitude and latitude of that one spot within the residence! Well, I never saw it but then again, my expectations of perfection have been so far surpassed so I guess I would never see it! :)

—Patrick Hartshorn
Advance Look Building Inspections & Environmental Testing