Never Clean Your Home Again!

Introducing… The Cleaning Crew.

The housecleaning division of TCM Restoration and Cleaning (Available for Wasilla and Palmer areas.)

On Our First Visit

Before we can even begin to perform routine weekly or bi-weekly maintenance cleaning on a home, there are usually a variety of “first-time cleaning” tasks which require extra attention on our first visit. Our first cleaning visit is what we call a heavy, deep cleaning. In fact it’s not uncommon for our teams to spend from two to four times longer on a first time cleaning than it takes us on regular, repeat visits. While the situation in every home is unique and different, following are some examples of what we mean.


It is not unusual for us to spend as much time cleaning one bathroom on our first visit as it takes to clean the entire home on subsequent visits. For example, if we don’t spend the time and effort usually needed to get shower doors, shower-door tracks, shower and bathtub walls, bathtub surfaces, plumbing fixtures and porcelain artifices deep cleaned, these objects will never look clean no matter how often we come. If built-up mineral rings or hard water stains are present in the commode, we do our best to bring these surfaces back to “ground zero”.

The Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances often require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints and other dirt seem to make its way through everyone’s home and gravitates toward the kitchen (and seems to think the top of the fridge is an especially good place to hide!) It doesn’t take long for kitchen dust to become impregnated with grease- certaintly a lot more difficult to clean than a week’s accumulation of ordinary surface dust. Some clients ask us to clean the oven or inside the refrigerator on our first visit, too.

All Rooms

The amount of time and effort required to bring all rooms back to ground zero depends on many factors. Most of our clients hire us because they don’t have time to clean with more than a “brush the dirt off surface” cleaning. Perhaps no one has vacuumed behind or beneath the sofa for months (and moving furniture to clean it’s not as easy for one person as it is for a team of cleaners). Bookshelves, baseboard, window sills, windows, chandeliers or other furnishings and fixtures are often neglected for long periods of time and may require extra initial “TLC”.

A Necessary Procedure

It would be virtually impossible for your team to “skip” our standard first-time cleaning routine and try to carry on maintaining your home in a satisfactory-clean fashion. There’s a big difference between “old dirt” and “new dirt”. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing the new dirt isn’t going to make things look sparkling fresh and clean.

So here is exactly what you should do now:

“Call the Cleaning Crew at 373-7788 to ask for a free housecleaning evaluation quote. We’ll come out and meet you in your home and find out which cleaning services would be best for you. Then, we’ll give you an estimate for the cleaning you’d like to have done. You can decide if The Cleaning Crew is the right company for you. If you decide that we are, we’ll make an appointment to come back at a later date to do your cleaning. What could be easier?

To make an appointment call 373-7788 – housecleaning services not currently available in Anchorage.

Don't just take our word that we do a thorough and fantastic job house cleaning! Here's some testimonials from some of our clients:

Impressed by the hardworking, efficient cleaner! Your name should be The Carpet Man and his Expert Cleaners. Countertops sparkled, wood floors shined, the entire house is dust and dog hair free!

—Martin Buser, Big Lake- 4 time Iditarod Champion Dog Musher

Use weekly. You are the best. Everything I requested you were there!! Clean, professional, discreet. Excellent.

—Joy Clark-retired

Use once a week. With 4 kids my house needs DEEP cleaning. Also with 4 kids I don't have the time. It's nice to have it done. My cleaning lady works hard to do the specific things that are important to me but maybe not other houses.

—Rachelle Creech-Mom

Use semi monthly. Value keeping my house clean and letting me spend more time doing things I like and want to do. Great!

—Kerry Wanstrom