Cleaning Fire Recovery Services

What to do after a fire

It is natural to want to begin to clean up and move forward. There are actions that are helpful to you and some that are actually more damaging to your situation. Please read the guidelines below to help you determine your next steps.

Things TO DO after a fire

  • Call a licensed professional to secure/board up your property from further damage.
  • If renting, immediately call your landlord.
  • Call your insurance company to report a claim and check your policy. TCM can be your advocate and plays a beneficial role with insurance companies.
  • Contact a trusted restoration contractor, this may or may not be the same company that secured/boarded up the property.
  • Open some windows to ventilate the property, but consider weather conditions (rain, freezing temperatures).
  • Discard all foods where soot is found or if exposed to non-direct heat from the fire.
  • Empty freezer and refrigerator completely. If electricity is off, prop open doors using a rolled up towel.

DO NOT do these things after a fire:

  • Wipe or wash walls, ceilings, carpeted or hard floors or any other surfaces. Soot and ash contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your health and should be removed carefully by a professional.
  • Use affected electronics including TVs, radios/stereos, etc. until cleaned and checked.
  • Use affected upholstered furniture, if possible.
  • Clean affected clothing with ordinary cleaning products or dry-cleaning.
  • Consume exposed food, including canned food, which has been affected by excessive heat.